In our view the trusted financial advisor to entrepreneurs who buy and sell businesses, should focus on what can be done to enlarge client's capital gains and mitigate client's risks.

It is true that the biggest capital gains should be realized when the business is sold by transferring Control over it to strategic investor or financial entrepreneurs and we make deals for clients Selling Control.

However, this does not mean our client has no options to make these capital gains bigger before selling Control. If there are significant growth opportunities that our client is well positioned to capture we also can help - we can help raising capital to Finance Growth.  

Selling Control reaps biggest capital gains per share,  but what if you are not controlling shareholders - perhaps, we can help you Secure Control over the business you had invested in. So that then you can Finance Growth and Sell Control when the timing is right.

Whatever the assignment we are hired for, we strictly follow our Quality Standard - the way we make deals helping our clients meet their financial goals.