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The premise of launching Eastway Capital is that investment banking clients can see the difference between the established brand and the established team. The brand attracts more clients the team does the job for them. Our key officer rely on their joint expertise, which is proven with successful performance  in the firm where the team was born.

Origin of Team

Although Eastway Capital was launched in April 2003, its team had proven its capabilities long before  that. In April 2001, Alexander Volchkov started building from scratch the fund management company for international private equity fund UVC Ltd. By year 2003 with Alexander Volchkov as CEO, UVC Eastern Europe had turned out to be successful and highly profitable VC/M&A firm with gross IRR in its private equity operations well over 50% and millions in investment banking fees.

By April 2003 the new firm had been shaped. The best associates of UVC Eastern Europe followed  Alexander Volchkov and joined Eastway Capital. The entrepreneurial corporate culture created by the team  in UVC Eastern Europe is now thriving in Eastway Capital, and deal making capacity has been restored to its normal level.  

Combined Expertise

Our successful deals in private equity and accomplished investment banking assignments are results achieved through genuine teamwork, which means that our officers join efforts, their best knowledge and ideas.  Therefore, our combined qualification is stronger than a simple combination of skills and know-hows of separate individuals.

For instance, exploring the demand for certain corporate assets, we rely on knowledge of strategic decision making learnt through experience working for actual corporate players as well as practical theories of leading academicians we studied in business schools. Building a financial model, we can handle complex accounting issues of restatement to IAS/US GAAP employing our working knowledge including ACCA qualification of Nikolay Sergeev. Our valuation techniques are first class - we were able to compare them with that of leading  investment banks. Negotiating deal structure, we are empowered with our legal expertise acquired in most complicated equity transactions including private equity investments, merges, and IPO.

We have been constantly developing our understanding of certain focused industries in Eastern Europe and primarily Russia: Telecoms, Media, IT, Wood&Paper, Specialty Retail, Machinery, Foods, Oilfield Services. This helps us to grasp the logic of other industries faster. Our international network is our tremendous source of industry intelligence in Eastern Europe and in remote markets.     

Examples of Performance

In UVC Eastern Europe the team developed operations in two areas - private equity and M&A advice, which can be best illustrated by a highly successful transaction for each area.

M&A Team (working for UVC EE):
Accumulation and Sale of Majority Stake in Machinery Producer


Russian machinery manufacturer

Frequent customers: YUKOS, Surgutneftegas, Tatneft
2001 Revenue over $70mn


blocking stake shareholders


accumulated majority stake

brought six bidders including multinational major to negotiations
signed solid share purchase agreement
closed the deal in December 2002

Private Equity Team (working for UVC EE):
Private Equity Investment in Newspaper Direct, Inc.  (2001-2003)


The global leader in digital delivery and print-on-demand of major newspapers

Over 150 titles available in about 60 countries
Circulation growth 4Q02 over 4Q01 200% p.a.
Revenue growth 4Q02 over 4Q01 more than 5 times
Implied IRR revealed in next private placement and takeover bids over 50% p.a.

Team's Special Achievements:

Won the deal beating three international funds

Achieved downside protection including put option with IRR 50% p.a.

Key Officer

Alexander Volchkov,
UVC Eastern Europe, Sistema Telecom, AIG-Brunswick Millennium Fund, Ernst&Young

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Alexander Volchkov

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