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Financing Growth


When certain indicators tell entrepreneurs it is time to finance growth, we explore the situation and advise on techniques applicable for our client in accomplishing the objective by making a deal. 

Time to Finance Growth

  1. Management team proved it can achieve faster sustainable growth given more funds
  2. New entrants eye the niche with capital to purchase advanced real assets
  3. The company can build strategic competitive advantages financing extra investments
  4. Niche allows to grow much faster than it can be done with internally generated cash and short term financing
  5. The company is well positioned to capture benefits of consolidation play in its industry

Techniques to Finance Growth

  1. Borrowing Long Term (via Secured Loans or Notes)

  2. Placing New Issue Common Stock
  3. Placing Debt/Equity Mix with Combination of Financial Options
  4. Recovering Equity through Sale of Non-Core Assets
  5. Leasing and Vendor Financing

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