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Contribution to success of the team's projects is what makes us professionals. Nikolay Sergeev provides the commentary when these conclusions can help entrepreneurs in their quest for better opportunities in the Market for Control.

Contribution to Selected Projects

UVC Eastern Europe (Venture Capital projects)

1. 2002-2003 Shaping Private Equity Investment in Telecommunication Company: Performed primary due diligence of an investment opportunity. Built financial model and together with CEO negotiated equity valuation with the Company shareholders. Ran a tender for due diligence among the leading international audit companies.

2. 2002 Origination Strategy: With the CEO, developed origination strategy for M&A advisory services in Telecoms and Technologies sectors.

3. 2002-2003 The Fundís Origination: Reviewed over twenty investment opportunities and helped to restrain from projects with inadequate risk/profitability ratio.

Aton Capital Group (Investment Banking projects)

4. 2002 IPO of RosBusinessConsulting: Performed preliminary due diligence of the Company. Did research on the deal structure and proposed critical improvements on it. Built financial model and performed equity valuation giving price per share range, within which the placement was accomplished. Monitored the closing of the transaction providing immediate troubleshooting. Presented and explained the placement efforts to the issuerís Board members.

5. 2002 Sale of Majority Stake in Oscolcement: Did preliminary due diligence, collected and evaluated data for valuation. Built strategic financial model, performed equity valuation.

6. 2002 Sale of Majority Stake in Moscow region telecommunication company: Did preliminary due diligence, collected and evaluated data for valuation. Built strategic financial model, performed equity valuation. Developed and justified the deal structure. Monitored the closing of transaction.

7. 2002 Sell-side Advice to Specialty Retail Leader: Did preliminary due diligence, collected and evaluated data for valuation. Built strategic financial model, performed equity valuation. Suggested a highly leveraged transaction as an alternative financing strategy, delivered advice on reorganization of corporate investment process.

8. 2001-2002 Utilities Company: As a result of thorough analysis of the company, built strategic financial model, performed equity valuation. Presented alternative scenarios of the companyís strategic development and suggested improvements in organization of corporate investment process.

KPMG (Audit)

9. 2001 Major Russian financial institutions: Conducted compilation and audit procedures of financial statements of financial institutions in accordance with the requirements of Russian Accounting Principles and International Accounting Standards. Evaluated clients' financial position, tested internal control systems, reviewed budgeting procedures and performed ratio analysis of financial statements (according to Russian Accounting Principles and International Accounting Standards).

Selected Publications

17.10.03 Absence of Majority Stake for Purchase Is Not an Obstacle for ProfMedia to Obtain Leadership in Strategic Niche
New joint venture with Independent Media allows ProfMedia to increase up to 75% its share in free cash flow, which the leader in professional magazines will generate for shareholders, without transfer of control over the joint business from the leader.
in Russian
26.03.03 Chasing Leaders
The Board Resolution of Vympelcom that approve placement of new equity to Alfa ahead of schedule was quick response to new opportunities for speeding up the rollout of Beeline network in St. Petersburg region.
in Russian
28.02.03 One Buyer - One Seller
The competitive landscape in mobile telephony in The Republic of Tatarstan had made MTS the only reasonable buyer for TAIF-Telecom and at the same time left MTS with this regional cellular operator as the only viable alternative not to lose the promising market to the nationwide competitors. Time worked against either negotiating party.
in Russian
25.02.03 Sibirtelecom Will Have to Toil Hard
Recent acquisitions of NMT-450 operators and D-AMPS operator by Sibirtelecom involve tremendous efforts for integrating the companies with different technology and corporate governance. Probably, this has been done to "accumulate critical mass" for selling out to future investor, who will assume the objectives of restructuring.
in Russian
17.02.03 Timely Deal
It was time to sell for the shareholders of "Tomsk Sotovaya Svyaz". Vympelcom was much better positioned to develop the company further and if put to competition with the target Vympelcom might have slowed down the growth of the target to minimum.
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