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Entrepreneurs hunt for opportunities to generate capital gains and sooner or later they contact some M&A firm offering services of some quality.

Independent M&A Firm

Eastway Capital is designed to act as a trusted financial adviser to entrepreneurs  who buy or sell businesses.

As M&A firm we justify our existence by

  1. giving our clients access to better opportunities for corporate transactions

  2. extracting for our clients maximum from their best opportunities.

Our professional integrity is protected by the firm's crystal clear independence of industrial groups, commercial banks or investment houses - Eastway Capital is not an affiliate of any of them.

Quality of Services

We believe that our client - large or small - deserves certain quality standard of service, and this quality standard must be our ultimate advantage.

There are no mediocrities, no team B in our firm we are too small for that. Everything in our company can be focused on producing success for our client in a decisive moment.

Personal experience of our professionals, who worked for investment banks, private equity funds, and acquisitive corporations, provides for both a track record with numerous done deals and a feeling that working as the team of Eastway Capital we will outperform ourselves.

We believe our team is well positioned to render certain investment banking services to clients in various industries and especially those with assets  in Eastern Europe, where our Moscow-based office is powered by our business partners across our diverse international network.

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Suite 5, Novy Arbat 20, 121069 Moscow, Russia
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